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Doulas provide expert guidance and nurturing support through life’s transitions.

Birth Doula Services

A birth doula is a trained, professional, non-medical childbirth assistant. Doulas provide nurturing support to growing families, in the form of emotional and physical support, as well as evidence-based information. 

Postpartum Doula Services

A postpartum doula helps families adjust to life with a newborn.  A postpartum doula helps ease this transition by providing emotional support, evidence-based information, and an extra set of helping hands.

Additional Services

I offer an array of extra services, including placenta encapsulation, belly casting, belly binding, and blessing ceremonies (both during pregnancy and after the baby is born.) 

What Clients Say

“I wanted to have a natural birth, with skin-to-skin and private time right after. With Marcy’s help, I was able to achieve my goals and had all my needs met. She also reminded me that I didn’t have to be bullied by nurses and that I could stick to my birth plan!”

What Clients Say

“Marcy helped me achieve my goal of having an unmedicated, all-natural childbirth by using her awesome labor support skills. Everything went as planned, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

What Clients Say

“The initial meeting with Marcy was very comfortable. Our prenatal meetings were informative and fun, never boring. The number of meetings was more than any other doula I’ve looked at. I think the extra meeting day allowed her to get to know my boyfriend and I much better, as well as our expectations, and vice versa. I really enjoyed the activity about the 5 love languages – it definitely brought my boyfriend and I closer together.”

What Clients Say

“From our first interactions, even before meeting, Marcy put me at ease and made me feel like she cared about my questions, concerns and desires for my birth experience. My labor was very long and intensive and having Marcy with me gave me more confidence to go with my gut, make the decisions I wanted and have the best birth experience I could.”

What Clients Say

I wanted an all natural birth, and even though I ended up getting an epidural, Marcy supported me regardless of my decision. She gave me the knowledge I needed about the pros and cons, and helped me stick to my guns when the hospital staff were pushing me to do things I didn’t want to do. She also encouraged my partner and reminded him when and where he needed to step up. I honestly don’t think my birth experience would have been as smooth without her!”

About Marcy

My name is Marcy, and I’m a doula and midwifery student. As a birth and postpartum professional, my goal is to help every family to have the best possible experience during the childbearing year. The care I give is personalized to fit each family’s individual needs, and takes into account their own unique vision of the ideal birth. I am happy to provide compassionate, non-judgmental, evidence-based support to all families, and gladly welcome LGBTQIA individuals, people of color, single parents, and non-traditional family styles and relationships.

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