Everything was so much more than I initially expected to get out of this service. After researching the benefits of placenta encapsulation I decided that I wanted to give it a try. Throughout the whole process, Marcy was very informative and knowledgeable. I was interested in the many different options she offered, and each and every one of my questions or concerns were answered on the spot. I was very impressed by the convenience of meeting at my home in the beginning, as well as the swift delivery time. And the finished products went above and beyond my expectations! I was blown away by the capsules, prints, and cord keepsake. Everything was packaged beautifully and with easy to understand instructions for use of the capsules. The prints are without a doubt something unique that I’m very happy with. The pills are very helpful – I can definitely tell the difference of using them as compared to not. They really do boost my energy levels and also seem to level out my crazy emotions. I am very satisfied, and I hope others can benefit as much as me and my family have with this service. You can receive many health benefits from the placenta, and the extra items (prints, cord keepsake, photos of the encapsulation process on CD) are so great and memorable. Marcy was professional, compassionate and genuine. I honestly cannot say there is anything to improve; it really was a job well done. I truly appreciated your service, Marcy! Thanks a million!”


“I had always been curious about placenta encapsulation. Prior to meeting Marcy, I had only heard varied and uninformed things about it, and she had all the answers I was looking for! Marcy was so helpful, knowledgeable and sweet. I decided to have my placenta encapsulated because I thought the health benefits were too good to pass up, and I’m having great success with it! Upon receiving the capsules, I felt my healing speed up.  I was miserable the first few days, barely able to move, and once I started taking the capsules noticed a marked difference in my pain level and returned energy as well. On days where I have missed taking them (which rarely happens), I notice my mood is much different; when I take the capsules it helps me feel more balanced. I am absolutely satisfied! There are an abundant number of capsules, and I also adored the amazing packaging! I feel I got exactly the product I was expecting and more.”


“Marcy had great communication and a great product! I decided to have my placenta encapsulated to help with postpartum emotions and milk production, and I was completely satisfied with the results. I’ve had a huge milk supply (too much actually!) and my hormones seem to be in check. It was awesome that Marcy picked up my placenta in the hospital and dropped it off at my apartment. That made things so easy for me during a very hectic time. Another plus was the blue glass jar packaging, which I loved. Marcy’s service exceeded my expectations in every way.”


“I am so happy I was referred to Marcy’s services! The capsules and tincture did exactly what they were supposed to. I was very concerned about getting post-partum depression. I noticed a huge difference while taking the capsules. My mood and emotions were noticeably more stable. And immediately noticed I was more teary-eyed after finishing them. Even though I have no more capsules, I am so happy I still have the tincture to take when needed. Totally worth it!”


“I was impressed with Marcy’s knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. The quality and presentation of her products are amazing! During pregnancy, I researched placenta encapsulation and it seemed like it could be beneficial. I was nervous about postpartum depression, but happy to say I did not experience it. The capsules made me feel wonderful and accelerated my recovery after a rough delivery. I am a very satisfied customer!”