Postpartum Blessing Ceremony

Birth is a process of opening to allow new life to enter the world. The shift from pregnancy to postpartum is sudden and dramatic, without a moment of pause to catch your breath and integrate this transformative experience. It’s no wonder that many parents find themselves feeling raw and vulnerable after giving birth, particularly if the birth process was difficult or did not go as expected.

A postpartum blessing ceremony uses traditional healing techniques to provide closure to the intensity of the birth experience, on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level. Also known as “closing the bones”, “postpartum sealing”, or “mother roasting”, a version of this exists in most world cultures, and it is often considered essential postpartum care


Choose 1-3 depending on package.

• Placenta Encapsulation

• Belly Casting (reinforced)

Bengkung belly binding

• Pregnancy Blessing Planning

• Postpartum Blessing Ceremony

• Postpartum Care Package

• Two Personal/Couple Yoga Classes

• Two Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

• Private Childbirth Class

• Additional Lactation Support Visits

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