Bengkung Belly Binding

bengkung belly binding marcy ganoe birth services salem oregon willamette valley mcminnville portland albany corvallis eugeneBengkung belly binding is a traditional Malaysian form of wrapping that provides gentle yet firm support for the womb, spine, and abdominal muscles after birth.

$125 – Includes wrap and one binding service.
Additional bindings – $50
Bella Vie clients receive $25 off belly binding services!

Belly binding has been used to support pregnant and postpartum parents throughout history in most traditional cultures, in some form or another. There are many different styles of belly binding wraps around the world. They are especially popular in Asian, African, and Latina communities. For example, in Latin America, women wear a faja (meaning “belt, girdle, sash”) or a rebozo. In Japan, they wear a special cloth belt called a sarashi. The style of Bengkung belly binding that I am trained in originated in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Benefits of Belly Binding During Postpartum
It gives support to the abdominal muscles, internal organs, and spine, all of which have been compressed, stretched, or otherwise displaced during pregnancy.
It makes babywearing and breastfeeding more comfortable by supporting proper posture, reducing backaches.
It reduces swelling.
It helps the uterus to clamp down and slows bleeding.
When done along with core strengthening exercises, it can help treat diastasis recti.
It helps keep legs together which promotes healing of perineal tearing.
It gives the wearer a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette, which increases self-confidence.

Belly binding is especially beneficial following a Cesarean. In addition to the above benefits:
It gives support to the area around the incision and stabilizes the core muscles, enabling the deeper layers of the wound to heal more easily and preventing formation of excessive adhesions.
It enables greater activity levels because the wearer feels more secure and less worried about re-injuring incision.
Higher activity levels decrease the chance of blood clots, and make it easier to take care of self and baby.